A Sweet Goodbye


Amanda SmithIt is a bittersweet night as we say goodbye to our rockstar bartender Amanda Smith, whose last night with us is Sunday, August 23rd, before she pursues her dream and moves across the world and down-under to Sydney, Australia.

Breaking the mold, as usual, this biker chic, make-artist extraordinaire, and soul-searching yogi requested that rather than having a traditional 520 goodbye bash, she’d like whatever money you would normally spend on drinks, cakes, and tokens of love to be donated to her and her father’s charity TLC Coffee Farm in Honduras. While carrying the popular meaning of the acronym, TLC in this case actually stands for “The Leadership Center.”


The Leadership Center, founded in 2011, is a business school housing and EDUCATING young and underprivileged Honduran WOMEN to become the next generation of ethical leaders and business women in Honduras. TLC’s goal is to contribute to the positive change of a sociTLC Coffee - Hondurasety that is steeped in poverty, crime and void of opportunity, especially for women. It is clear that Honduras is in need of a new generation of ethical leaders who will make significant changes throughout society so that Hondurans CAN lead their own country out of the current state of poverty and corruption. TLC is working toward this goal by educating, training, and developing the next generation of ethical female leaders and small business owners.

Honduras provides anexcellent environment for the growth of coffee, one the most demanded agricultural products in the world, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. Because sustainability is a key value of the company, TLC provides an opportunity to use this sought after resource to not only generate income from the product itself, but shows the women involved how to actually grow business and capitalize on the many other services involved in the coffee industry.

TLC Coffee - Honduras TLC is located in a premier coffee growing region and began from inception to build out a 100 acre coffee farm on its owned facility. Currently the farm has planted approximately 20 acres and expects to fully plant out the farm over the next three years. Additionally, TLC has just begun the construction of a processing plant on site that will allow for the sorting, drying, roasting and packaging of coffee for its own production as well as that of surrounding growers.



Their goal is to raise $20,000 to complete the construction of the processing facility. With every dollar matched to up to this goal, the vision of providing a sustainable source of income and leadership within this economy is becoming incredibly close to becoming a reality.

We encourage you to wish our dear friend and dynamic bartender a goodbye by supporting her passion for this amazing cause.

Show Amanda some TLC and donate at: http://www.gofundme.com/vq69v

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