Double-O-520: Casino Royale



On the night of Saturday, March 28th, we celebrated one of our favorite British regulars as he hit the 40 year landmark in life. His name is Barrow, Robin Barrow. Friends and fellow patrons gathered for a surprise birthday party themed for520RobinInvite the GoDaddy Experience Director’s, aka Robin, cinematic favorites, Casino Royale. Good friend, patron, philanthropist, and local hedge fund management extraordinaire (Owner of Overlake Capital), Blake Robbins, organized the night with team member, Lindsey Malo, to make the night special, including making a customized 007 by local cake decorator Tanya Glin. Everyone dressed to the nines in true “Bond” form. The tables were decked out in roses and high-roller 3

The combination of a fun theme and great company made for a fantastic evening. It was a pleasure to host such a fun and loyal group of patrons and personalize their experience, transforming our space to fit their vision. It is truly one of the experiences that make being part of the 520 community so unique.

Cheers Bellevue!        photo 5

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