May 30th marked a great night in 520 history. We have been a part of the Bellevue community, serving food, fun, and cocktails to all who walked through our doors since 2005. We opened our restaurant to friends, neighbors and family to launch the beginning of a great summer. 10 years later we celebrate the all the food, cocktails, friends, and memories we have made in a decade in the same fashion… by inviting all our friends new and old for a great night of festivities.

Starting off over less than half the size of the restaurant and bar we now fill daily, it was a magical to see the restaurant transform into a nightclub type atmosphere, while our patio, lit up with new hanging twinkling lights, created a garden escape for people to gather, laugh, drink, and goof around in our photo booth. And for the first time ever, we opened the upstairs space to our guests, turning an office by day into a candle lit VIP lounge that night.

Our ladies in red served appetizers and cocktails on the floor, while the girls in gold, Amanda and Karen Nicole, mixed up drinks behind the bar.

Just as the night seemed to be over, the team gathered all the guests to honor our founders, Joseph & Randi Brazen, congratulating them on their dream come true. After the cake and bouquet presentation, a few heartfelt words of endearment and gratitude came from the team, patrons, and ownership alike. This was directly followed by a champagne toast that gave everyone the bubbles they need to get on the dance floor to party the night away!

Thank you to all who came that night and those who have truly become part of our family over the years!

We encourage you to click the image above to enjoy photos from throughout the night…

Cheers Bellevue!