Introducing: Chloe


Meet our new weekend floor manager Chloe Hunter! Chloe has been a part of the 520 team since the summer of 2014. Starting as a hostess, Chloe’s charisma has earned her the love and respect of our team and patron’s alike. Her hard work, intellect, and charming personality made promoting this young woman an easy decision.

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Chloe came to us from running the back of the Victoria’s Secret Store, which with through working with her team for long hours, quickly became one of the largest grossing VS stores in the country. Despite success, Chloe desired more freedom and time to focus on her career in interior design. We welcomed her with open arms and completely support her ambition to achieve her goal of being a residential interior designer. In addition to the time she spends with us, she studies at Bellevue College and works as an intern at Gaspar’s Contruction & Handymen in Capital Hill, Seattle. We look forward to seeing notes of her talent throughout the restaurant. She has already begun decorating the restaurant with floral accents from her local market weekly.


When asked what she loves and looks forward to in her career at 520, she responded simply and beautifully…

“I love being part of a positive atmosphere, which is what makes 520 so grand: I always want to help the restaurant be as amazing to the customer as it is to me.”
…confirming to anyone that we have made the right decision honoring this gem with the leadership of our team. Congratulations Chloe! We are ecstatic to see you soar in your new position.
Cheers Bellevue!


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