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Trumer Pils on Draft at 520 Bar & Grill
Trumer PilsWe are excited to announce Trumer Pilsner to our selection of beers on tap!

Just recently 520 owner, Joseph Brazen, took off on a road trip down the Pacific Coast to California and back. All the while taking in the scenes and sights he experienced along the way. Trumer Pilsner was one of the treasures he came across in his travels. Impressed by the fresh taste and refreshing effervescence of this German inspired brew, he was determined to bring the experience back home to 520.

You will see Trumer Pilsner presented in our bar in a unique, tall glass. This swanky presentation is more than just a look, it is specially designed to enhance the signature effervescence of this beer. The long cylindrical glass works similar to a champagne glass, holding in the carbonation by limiting its exposure to air when poured correctly with a healthy inch of froth at the top.

Trumer Pils at 520

Although Trumer is Austrian in origin, this pilsner is brewed in Berkley, California to ensure freshness and quality. When Trumer was first proposed with the idea to bring their one and only brew to the US market, they originally refused due to the fear that the shipping process would compromise the quality of their precious 400 year old recipe. Agreements were then made to have an entire brewery built on US soil, entirely devoted to maintaining the tradition, recipe, and high production standard of this product. We are thrilled to be one of the very few bars in Bellevue to offer this delightful and high quality brew.

Come by and enjoy a pint of Trumer Pilsner to experience the product of tradition and commitment to excellence yourself!

Cheers Bellevue!

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